Atheists Believe in “One Less God”

I’ve encountered numerous atheists who claim they believe in “one less God,” so we’re all atheists towards the thousands of gods that we do not revere. They will say that Christians, Jews and Muslims just believe in one more. They make the assumptions that all gods are of equal importance, so the evidence we applied to discount other gods should be used to discount the divinity of our own.

The usual apologetic response is to demonstrate why the Christian Lord and the belief in Jesus Christ does not equate to beliefs in Thor or Zeus, so I won’t expound on that here. Instead, I’ll point to some equivalent arguments to this atheist assertion to demonstrate why it’s an absurd argument.

Equivalent arguments:

  • A man who had spent his entire life in a cave was finally met by some rescuers. The rescuers told him it was a bright sunny day outside and he would need to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun. The man replied that he didn’t believe in the sun. When the rescuers responded that the sun is one of trillions of stars, the man replied that the rescuers just believe in one more star than he believes.
  • A man murdered his brother. When confronted by police, he told them they were murderers too. They just committed one less murder than he committed.
  • A woman stole a television from her neighbor’s house. When confronted by her neighbors, she told them they were thieves too. They just committed one less theft than she committed.
  • A man slept with his friend’s wife. When his friend confronted him, he called his friend an adulterer. His friend just committed one less adultery than the man.
  • A polygamist married two women. When a monogamist approached him, he called the monogamist a polygamist. He just married one less woman.
  • Grandma Mary called her daughter Monique a grandma. When Monique protested (because she has no grand kids), Grandma Mary said she (the grandma) only has one grandchild. Her daughter has one less grandchild, so they should both be called grandmas.

These are plain silly – and that’s the point. The “one less god” claim is silly.

Thank you for your time. I hope I gave you a nice laugh today.


5 Replies to “Atheists Believe in “One Less God””

  1. I think that a better answer is to point out that all religions have in common a belief in a reality that transcends the material. The nature of that reality is in dispute, but all believers are opposed to the denial of this transcendent reality that the atheist practices.

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  2. Unfortunately, the supposed atheist argument (really just a thought provoking idea) that is given here is incomplete. The full argument is that you (the Christian) are atheistic (lacking a belief) in all gods, deities, and higher powers except for one (part 1). When you truly understand why you don’t believe in those other gods, then you’ll understand why you shouldn’t believe in the one god that you do believe in (part 2). It’s this second part of the argument, that you’ve left off, that is critical to understanding what is being presented to you. This thought provoking idea is intended to get you to realize that you likely have no evidence to support the existence of any other god, deity, or higher power; and thus you would have no reason to believe in their existence. Hence, the only reason to believe in the god that you do currently accept is if you have justifying evidence to support its existence. But, I understand why you might rather take down this strawman argument, than try to end this ~2000 year period where Christians have failed to provide even one solid piece of evidence towards the validity of Christianity.


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