A Beautiful Christian Testimony By Michael Graham @SoonerApologist

I recently asked my friends on social media to share their testimonies on the ways they came to believe in Christianity. Michael Graham, known on Twitter as the @SoonerApologist, sent this beautiful testimony. Enjoy!

“Here is my testimony. I was born with the disease Retnitis Pigmentosa. This an disease that kills cells in the back of the eyes and the cells do not reproduce. Thus the end result is total or partial blindness. When I was 12 years old I was told I would lose my vision by age 30. So to prepare for this, I attended a school in Little Rock where I learned braille, to use a cane, and to live independently. Though this prepared me physically, I was not prepared emotionally. So as my vision got worse, I got angry with God and blamed Him for making me blind. One night during one of my fits of rage it hit me the only one who could help me was the one I had been blaming. On November 9, 1985 I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart. Man, what peace flooded my soul. I know when I die and get to heaven, I will see Jesus with perfect vision!”

Thank you for your time.


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