Are UFOs Space Aliens or Demons?

UFOs have been attracting much attention over the past eighty years, according to numerous polls and websites. According to a Huffington Post poll conducted in 2013, 48 percent of United States adults were open to the idea that alien spacecraft may be visiting our planet, while 35 percent flat out rejected the idea (Spiegel, 2013). The Gallup Organization conducted several polls in 1973, 1990, and 1996 and found that 11 percent, 14 percent, and 12 percent (respectively) of people polled indicated that they had witnessed UFOs. Yet the vast majority of these sightings have natural explanations, such as moons, stars, planets, unusual weather conditions, comets, meteor storms, hot ionized gas or swarms of flying insects. Some sightings have man-made explanations, such as military aircraft, weather balloons, rockets, fireworks, or search lights. Additionally, some sightings are based on subjective causes, such as hallucinations or paranoia. Others are based on hoaxes, with people claiming to have seen a UFO to benefit themselves in some way. Despite these rational explanations, some sightings seem to defy explanation.

Residual UFOs

These sorts of UFOs are “RUFOs,” which is short for residual unidentified flying objects. According to Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and Mark Clark (2002), RUFOs have the following characteristics: (1) they leave no physical artifacts, even after crashing; (2) they generate no sonic booms when they break the sound barrier; (3) they may be seen but not photographed or photographed but not seen; (4) they may be detected by radar but not seen or they may be seen but not detected by radar; (5) they make impossibly sharp turns and sudden stops and rapid accelerations; (6) they hover above ground or harm buildings and trees without any movement of air; (7) they change shape, size, and color at random; (8) they suddenly disappear and reappear; (9) they melt asphalt and metal objects, and burn brass and leaves without fire or flame; and (10) they physically injure and even kill human observers apart from any identifiable physical agent.

Close encounters with extra terrestrials come in five kinds, with the fourth and fifth being the scariest (Ross, Samples, & Clark, 2002). In a close encounter of the fourth kind, direct contact between alien beings and witnesses occur. In a close encounter of the fifth kind, the observer suffers permanent physical injuries or even death.

RUFOs arouse very disturbing emotions of intense fear, distress, and anxiety that can result in emotional disturbances, hysteria, recurring nightmares and even insanity (Vallee, 1990; Hall, 2001). RUFOs cause bodily and psychological harm. “Symptoms such as nausea, headaches, hair loss, diminished vision, diarrhea, swelling, paralysis, sleep cycle changes, and weight loss are common…Less common, but still frequent are burns, wounds, and even death” (Ross, Samples & Clark, 2002, p. 121). Numerous studies have determined that RUFOs have been cited globally over the centuries, often visiting less populated areas late at night (especially around 3 a.m.) and people who are involved in occult practices (Ross, Samples & Clark, 2002).

Did RUFOs Come from Other Parts of the Universe?

Ross, Samples and Clark (2002) identified 153 parameters needed for life as we know it on earth. “The probability of a planet anywhere in the universe fitting within all 153 parameters is approximately 1 in 10-194. The maximum number of planets in the universe is estimated to be 1022. Thus, less than 1 chance in 10172 …exists that even one such planet would occur anywhere in the universe” (p. 189). Furthermore, a SETI group “scanned all 202 of the roughly solar-type stars within 155 light years of earth. Not one intelligible signal was detected anywhere within the vicinity of these stars. This finding translates to a minimum alien travel distance of 155 light-years plus hazard-avoidance maneuvers – a total of 230 light-years (or 1.35 trillion miles)” (p. 57). “By conservative estimates, any reasonably-sized spacecraft transporting intelligent physical beings can travel at velocities no greater than about 1 percent of the velocity of light (nearly 7 million miles per hour) would need twenty-three thousand years to travel 230 light-years” (p. 59). In other words, it is physically impossible to travel to distances past those we have already examined for life – or for physical life from those distances to travel to us.

Did RUFOs Originate in Other Dimensions of Our World?

Given the impossibility of space travel from hundreds of light years away, it follows that RUFOs may have originated from other dimensions of our world – and are nonphysical in nature.

“It can now be determined who is behind the RUFO experiences. Only one kind of being favors the dead of night and lonely roads. Only one is real but nonphysical, animate, powerful, deceptive, ubiquitous throughout human history, culture, and geography and bent on wreaking psychological and physical harm. Only one entity selectively approaches those humans involved in cultic, occultic, or New Age activities. It seems apparent that residual UFOs, in one or more ways, must be associated with the activities of demons” (Ross, Samples & Clark, 2002, p. 123).

What Does the Bible Say?

Humans have been warned against seeking out mediums or psychics (Leviticus 19:31) or joining occults because such practices open the doors to demons. Demons may enter the minds and bodies of those who channel them, possessing them (e.g., Matthew 4:24; Mark 3:10-12; Luke 11:14-26).

In Ephesians 6:11-12, St. Paul warns us to “put on the full armor of God.” He says “for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” In other words, the Bible answers our title question.


The title of this article questioned whether UFOs are space aliens or demons. Given the impossibility of travel for physical bodies from parts of the universe we haven’t yet investigated due to massive time constraints, coupled with the fact we’ve identified no signs of life in areas that have been investigated, we have to rule out space aliens. Space aliens are physical beings from other parts of the universe. Since we have multiple instances in which RUFOs have made physical contact with humans, however, we must conclude they exist and their form must go beyond the merely physical. In all cases, RUFOs have exhibited malevolence and have harmed those with whom they have come in contact. It follows that RUFOs must be spiritual, malevolent beings: demons. Such findings provide support for the validity of warnings we have received in the Bible.

I strongly recommend reading “Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men” by Ross, Samples, and Clark for a much more detailed study on this topic.

Thank you for your time.


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5 Replies to “Are UFOs Space Aliens or Demons?”

  1. I realize this is an old post, but much appreciate it. As an individual who has had numerous encounters with these entities, I am absolutely certain that they are interdimensional and demonic. I have seen articles pointing out the accurate fact that these entities, like demons, react and flee at the name of Jesus Christ but I’ve not heard anyone mention that they can apparently be summoned.
    Whatever they are, they are not to be played with or sought.


    1. Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. And I agree that they should not be played with. They are very harmful.


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