Upcoming Video: 7 Geographical Reasons to Reject the “Deutero Isaiah” Proposition

Today’s liberal scholar revisionists have proposed that the book of Isaiah, which had been historically solely attributed to the prophet Isaiah, son of Amoz (by Jesus, Paul, Luke, Josephus, Ben Sira, Matthew, and more), was written over centuries by various unnamed people in the Assyrian, Babylon, Persian, or even Greek empires. These claims stem mainly from the rejection of the ability of the prophet Isaiah to name King Cyrus of Persia, which he did in 44 and 45. King Cyrus lived well over 100 years after Isaiah and Isaiah predicted Cyrus would defeat Babylon. Isaiah was living in the 8th century B.C. Assyrian empire in Jerusalem in Judah, well before Babylon had even defeated it in the 7th and 6th centuries B.C. Isaiah predicted that too. He also predicted the destruction of the 1st Temple, the exile, and the rebuilding of the Temple. Some scholars today can’t handle that truth, so they pretend Isaiah was written DURING the time his prophesied events occurred. Their anti-supernatural biases cloud their ability to read the text honestly. Thankfully, the evidence within Isaiah discounts their faulty notions. The divisions of Isaiah display tremendous unity through (1) their references to Zion, Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem and references to Babylon as there rather than here, a place at a great distance, and to Jerusalem and Zion as places where people will come rather than go; (2) local trees and valleys and plains around where he resided in Judah; (3) mentions to only three of the four plants used in the Sukkot, which may be because the citron had likely not yet been imported from Northern India; (4) many mentions of mountains and hills, which is because Judah is mountainous whereas Babylon is a flatland; (5) the presence of places that are either rarely named or not named in later books of the Old Testament such as Cush, Sela, and Midian; and (7) the absence of named places that surrounded Babylon in the 8th to 6 centuries B.C.

Save the date for December 1st at 1:30 p.m. EST!

4 Replies to “Upcoming Video: 7 Geographical Reasons to Reject the “Deutero Isaiah” Proposition”

  1. I really like the evidence you’re giving for the authorship of Isaiah, it definitely fits with single authorship from the time the book was purported to be written. I’m in the middle of your video, great stuff so far! Thank you for your work on this! 🙂

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